Simply Better Bids

Want to win more bids?

If you only undertake a few bids a year it is critical that they are managed correctly. Outsourcing the task of bid management to Simply Better Bids, who have the experience and skills, could be the difference between success and failure.

At Simply Better Bids we offer a bespoke bidding service to help businesses grow. Our highly-qualified team will be with you every step of the way.

We regularly deal with companies that stretch their resources to the limit with unsuccessful results due to either workload or incorrect process. We can work with your team to ease the burden of writing winning bids or modifying your process to better support your resources.

  • Are you looking to improve your win rates?
  • Is your cost of bidding too high?
  • Are you looking to embrace best practice to develop winning bids?
  • Do you need to adopt a less reactive approach to bidding?
  • Do you need expert help to deliver a process that will make it easier to win bids and win them more cost effectively?

So, whether you want advice on strategy, review of bid documents, professional printing, or a full process review give us a call. Furthermore, we are willing to construct our charges so that we, Simply Better Bids, will share the costs of bidding on a risk-reward basis.



ZeroTouch audio analytics is developing systems to automate the process of turning voice commands into real business outcomes. We are developing algorithms and technologies to help organisations maximise their investments in voice technologies turning telephone calls into real Zerotouch business.


One of the most compelling aspects of Cloud Computing is Business Intelligence.By harnessing the data already contained within your organisation, ZeroTouch can help you gain insights into your business